7/8 July 2018

THE THERAPEUTIC ENERGY OF TREES. Light trekking through the "Oasi Zegna" forest, experiencing the principles of Forest Therapy, taught by the conductors. Two days duration.


BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPES: the energetic impact of trees on our body.

An innovative technique to measure the influence that bio-electromagnetic fields emitted by the trees have on major human organs and the environment and the benefits they produce on our physical and mental wellbeing. This method also allows to measure the bio-compatibility of trees and natural elements with our body. We will discover the latest surprising findings that this technique allows in the field of bio-communication with plants (

FOREST BATHING: breathe the nature.

Ancient Japanese practice proven by recent international biomedical investigations. It consist of a easy trekking and to stand in woods full of special aromatic substances (monoterpenes) able to take action against stress, normalize heart rate, blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. The areas of the forest where we walk have ideal characteristics for the application of this practice gentle but very effective.

THERAPEUTIC LANDSCAPE: the psychological and emotional impact of the natural environment.

We will develop the focus on the principles of this technique based on multidisciplinary studies to recognize and evaluate the elements of the landscape for which is proved a positive action on some mental processes of stress management, able to develop real therapeutic responses of adaptation and psycho-physical recovery

* THE CONDUCTORS: Marco Nieri and Marco Mencagli are professionals in the innovative application of these techniques and are collaborating in the multidisciplinary design of natural pathways and green therapeutic spaces in public and private sphere.

 Marco Nieri: tel. 051-397669  340-5030635  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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