Jyotishmati live 432 hz Jyotishmati live 432 hz

AEQUA-NOX = same night or equinox. On the day of balance between light and shadow, day and night, the duo JYOTISHMATI invites you to a concert at 432 hz.
Human Performance Institute, Bologna, 21 march,  9.00 pm 
During the concert, among the inspiring notes of Lisa and Matteo, I will make some brief information bloom about the therapeutic power of trees and nature. To immerse yourself in the spring with love and awareness.
On March 21st we celebrate the awakening of nature that is generously given to us in all its splendor, the mother Goddess with whom it is good to remain always connected, which nourishes and sustains us. The concert aims to be a musical ceremony so that each of the participants can strengthen their intent to achieve balance within themselves. The cosmological alignment of this unique day and the particular tuning frequency of the piano will help us to strengthen the path towards "the middle way".
The project combines original piano music by Mattteo Giorgioni with ancient mantras and sacred texts of other cultural traditions sung and harmonized by Lisa Jyotishmati.
Jyotishmati 432Hz provides a review of mantras in Sanskrit and in English taking inspiration from different cultural traditions.
The artistic aspect is combined with an idea of ​​love for oneself, for Nature, for the whole, with a view to relaxation and meditation,
cleansing the mind from unnecessary superficial thoughts.
The live performance of this piano music with the 432Hz gold tuning, supported by ancient harmonizing mantras, aims to spread peace and love.
The sound of mantras comes first of all, before our elaboration, understanding, of our need to understand;
it comes powerful inundating the mind of positivity, of harmony.

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