Smiling Forest - Oasi Zegna (Italy)

The most fascinating application of Bioenergetic Landscapes in woodland.

Recent studies have revealed that electromagnetic fields are emitted by both human and plants. Those emitted by trees can in certain conditions influence the energy state of every organ in the human body. This is why the Smiling Forest was monitored using the Bioenergetic Landscape method. Along the way, you’ll find panels suggesting where to stop to assimilate certain beneficial effects.

From here begins a 5 km walk designed to rediscover interior peace and harmony amongst the trees, soothed by the fragrances and sounds of nature. Nature, if listened to, can transmit enormous vital energy, which will be our companion in these woods, making us all smile. This energy - already felt by Ermenegildo Zegna, who wanted a green mountain and for everyone - is the spirit of Oasi Zegna. Bosco del Sorriso invites you all, adults and children, to enjoy its essence by taking an experiential walk.

Take your time. Rest, listen, observ

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