Detection of electromagnetic fields

The service aims to provide an effective awareness of the state of electromagnetic exposure within the home or a place of work. The information gained will enforce any solutions to minimize the exposure of people, especially in resting places or long-standing position.

The intervention includes:

  • Measurement of the intensity of artificial electromagnetic fields in low and high frequency present in the environment, coming from inside and outside the building, done with appropriate electronic instruments.
  • Checking and measurement of electrical and magnetic dispersion sources present in areas of the stationing of people, both in the workplace than in nocturnal rest.
  • Measurement of the corporeal electrical voltage on people produced by exposure to systems and electrical equipment, particularly in workplaces and bedrooms.
  • Practical guidelines for bio-ecological measures of correction and remediation to be made on electrical installations, structures and existing systems, with the aim to optimize the environmental quality and limiting the exposure.
  • Advice and guidance for the realization of bio-compatible electrical system.
  • Recommendations for correct management of own habitat minimizing the electro-smog.


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