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Tree Hugging at Parco nazionale dello Stelvio- Italy Tree Hugging at Parco nazionale dello Stelvio- Italy

16th September 2018

Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio trentino (Italy)


The heritage of forests and green spaces is a great resource for human health and wellbeing.
In recent times, under certain conditions, they act favorably both on a psycho-emotional level and on human physiology, generating concrete benefits also at a physical level.

In Japan it has been discovered that some volatile substances emitted from the leaves of certain types of trees, called monoterpenes, can increase the functionality of our immune system and reduce stress. The result was a practice of frequenting the woods called "Forest bathing", more and more widespread in the
But already the ancient cultures, more linked to the value of the perception of natural phenomena, were able to recognize the therapeutic power of nature through physical contact with energy. The most recent scientific discoveries confirm these ancient perceptions: all living beings emit weak but specific electromagnetic fields.

Embracing a tree we are not only in contact with a wonderful living being, but we can also grasp its beneficial vital energy, which can be measured or even visualized with particular techniques such as Bioenergetic Landscapes.

The embrace of the trees proposed at the National Park of the Stelvio Trentino wants to increase our awareness of the value and the therapeutic power of nature, making our excursions into the woods moments of real "Forest therapy".
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