Tenuta de L'Annunziata (Italy)

A Bioenergetic path among chestnut trees

  Recent studies have revealed that electromagnetic fields are emitted by both human and plants. Those emitted by trees can in certain conditions influence the energy state of every organ in the human body. The wood that surrounds the "Tenuta de L'Annunziata", a beautiful Natural Relais very close to the lago di Como, was been studied with the Bioenergetic Landscapes technique.

 40 trees has been selected  for their beneficial properties and the special bioelectromagnetic conditions. The 40 bioenergetic areas discovered by this researc allows visitors to find many places to rest, sitting in natural local stone benches. A map with the bioenergetic indications allows people to choose the most beneficial place to stop and assimilate certain beneficial effects.for the different organs of our body

The path is designed to rediscover interior peace and harmony amongst the trees, soothed by the fragrances and sounds of nature. Nature, if listened to, can transmit enormous vital energy, which will be our companion in these woods. This wood, rich in chestnut trees, red oak and Pine, offers a tipical exemple of quiet and peacefull nature, and invites you all, adults and children, to enjoy its essence. The wood is an ideal place to offer experience the energies of trees and Forest Bathing walks, that Marco lead by appointment for private and companies






21 11 2019

Bolzano, EURAC Viale Druso 1

Conference hall

Moderatore: Paolo Bellenzier

Direttore della Ripartizione Pianificazione e Sviluppo del Territorio del Comune di Bolzano

Il convegno intende sensibilizzare amministratori, progettisti e cittadini sul valore degli alberi in città focalizzando caratteristiche e funzioni, superando luoghi comuni e paure ingiustificate.


08:30 – 09:00 Registrazione partecipanti

09:00 – 09:15 Saluti

                       Maria Laura Lorenzini - Assessora alla

                       Mobilità, Ambiente e Pari Opportunità

09:15 – 09:40 CLIMA

                       Emergenza climatica ed eventi meteo estremi:

                       gestire linevitabile, evitare lingestibile

                       Luca Lombroso – Meteorologo AMPRO e divulgatore


09:40 – 10:05 BENESSERE

                     Lenergia degli alberi per il nostro benessere

                     Marco Nieri – Ecodesigner, bio-researcher

10:05 – 10:30 PROGETTAZIONE

                     Il verde urbano: non solo un colore

                     Silvia Viviani – Assessore all'urbanistica,

                     lavori pubblici, verde urbano, barriere

                     architettoniche del Comune di Livorno

10:30 – 11:00 Pausa caffè conviviale


                       Ardue convivenze

                       Paolo Abram – Funzionario Servizio

                       Giardineria del Comune di Bolzano

11:25 – 11:50 GUARDARE AVANTI

                       Alberi: strategie dopo “Vaia”. Il caso del parco

                       di Levico

                       Fabrizio Fronza – Servizio per il sostegno

                       occupazionale e la valorizzazione ambientale PAT –

                       Direttore del Parco delle Terme di Levico

11:50 – 12:15 ALBERI E SICUREZZA

                     Dalla valutazione "a caso" alla valutazione

                       "del caso". L'esempio del Cedro.

                       Luigi Sani - Arboricoltore certificato ETT

                       e Master Arborist

12:15 – 12:45 Discussione finale


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the big tree hugging

16th September 2018

Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio trentino (Italy)


The heritage of forests and green spaces is a great resource for human health and wellbeing.
In recent times, under certain conditions, they act favorably both on a psycho-emotional level and on human physiology, generating concrete benefits also at a physical level.

In Japan it has been discovered that some volatile substances emitted from the leaves of certain types of trees, called monoterpenes, can increase the functionality of our immune system and reduce stress. The result was a practice of frequenting the woods called "Forest bathing", more and more widespread in the
But already the ancient cultures, more linked to the value of the perception of natural phenomena, were able to recognize the therapeutic power of nature through physical contact with energy. The most recent scientific discoveries confirm these ancient perceptions: all living beings emit weak but specific electromagnetic fields.

Embracing a tree we are not only in contact with a wonderful living being, but we can also grasp its beneficial vital energy, which can be measured or even visualized with particular techniques such as Bioenergetic Landscapes.

The embrace of the trees proposed at the National Park of the Stelvio Trentino wants to increase our awareness of the value and the therapeutic power of nature, making our excursions into the woods moments of real "Forest therapy".

Val d'Orcia -Tuscany - Italy


11-12-13 JUNE 2021

The second level course is intended for those who attended one of the basic courses.

It will take place in Tuscany, visiting this ancient land full of typical medieval and Renaissance history. We will move to the wonderful land between Siena and Grosseto, in Maremma, italian land of superb beauty and rich in forests, thermal waters and formidable archaeological finds. We will expand our knowledge by exerting ourselves in measurements of BIOENERGETIC ARCHEOLOGY, visiting mysterious and fascinating sites rich in Etruscan, Roman and medieval testimonies and finds. We will measure the Biosphere energy in archaeological sites, search for information about the local biological qualities and intentions of ancient builders. We will focus on biological measurements by studying secular trees and intact nature sites, ancient open-air cult places. In addition, we will study the abundant thermal water, measuring their biological properties on human organs. In this land you still breathe an air of "lost times" that really projects in another dimension, and in addition it is extremely welcoming.
The cost for attending students is 450 Euros. Costs of accommodation and any on-the-spot are excluded. Participants or observers are welcome with an individual fee of 200 Eur


MARCO NIERI  Bioenergetic Landscapes Laboratory - Tel. e fax +39. 051. 397669  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.