the etruscan theatre of Sutri the etruscan theatre of Sutri


2/3/4 JUNE 2023

Villa Lina Relais, Ronciglione (Viterbo)

The second, or in-depth, course is intended for those who have attended one of the basic courses.

Villa Lina Relais is home to a Bioenergetic Historical Park rich in centuries-old plants. From there we will move on to the wonderful TUSCIA, an area between Latium and Tuscany rich in millenary history and natural beauty, still little known but of incredible interest. We will expand our knowledge by also practising our measurements in BIOENERGY ARCHAEOLOGY, visiting mysterious and fascinating places rich in Etruscan, Roman and medieval testimonies and finds, such as Sutri, Viterbo and Tuscania. We will measure the energy of the Biosphere at archaeological sites, looking for information about the energy quality of the place and the intentions of the ancient builders. We will focus on biological measurements with giant trees, entering the 'Thousand Year Forest' of the Cimini Mountains, studying ancient trees and intact natural sites, ancient sites of outdoor cults. In addition, we will study the thermal waters that flow abundantly in the thermal baths of Viterbo, measuring their biological properties on human organs. In this land one can still breathe an air of 'lost times' that truly projects one into another dimension, plus it is extremely welcoming.

The cost of participation for students is 450 Euro. Board, lodging and any on-site expenses are excluded. Accompanying persons or observers are admitted for an individual fee of 200 Euro.


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Additional Info

  • Tipo: Corso
  • Da: Friday, 02 June 2023
  • a: Sunday, 04 June 2023
  • Dove: Villa Lina Relais - Ronciglione (VT) - Italy