Seminar level 1 05-2022 Seminar level 1 05-2022


12- 13-14 MAY 2023


With Marco Nieri, creator of "Bioenergetic Landscapes"

The therapeutic importance that plants possess for humans has always been known, through the use of the medicinal substances obtained from them. In recent years there has been a deep interest in the beneficial contribution that plants can make to our entire existence, studying for example how their presence improves the environment and has a positive psycho-emotional effect.

Recent studies have also rediscovered and deepened what was probably a topic known from the most ancient traditions and cultures: plants can also help us from an energetic point of view.

To fully understand the validity of this statement we must first of all face an electromagnetic study of the Biosphere, whose influence affects the life of every organism. Every form of life, animal or vegetable, is both a receiving antenna and a source of energy, which in turn interacts with that of our environment. For this reason, the beneficial or harmful characteristics of electromagnetism present in the place where we live have a substantial part of responsibility on health and quality of life, both in humans and in plants. In the same way, however, some living forms, such as trees, are able to interact directly on the environment, modifying the quality and the electromagnetic influence on human health. Today it is possible to measure both the energy of our Biosphere and that of living beings to understand how this interaction takes place.

The Bioenergetic Landscapes studies and uses the electromagnetic fields emitted by plants and present on site to favorably modify the energy quality of our Biosphere up to tens of meters away, creating areas of particular well-being for the organism.

During the course you will learn how to use the polarized Lecher antenna, a refined biophysical instrument essential to measure the bio-electromagnetic fields that characterize life in the Biosphere, in humans and plants.

We will immerse ourselves in the knowledge of this fascinating technique, unique in the world, and its most recent developments, experimenting and measuring the precise energy relationship between trees and each organ of the human body.
You will learn the principles of recent scientific studies on the therapeutic power of green spaces, including Forest Bathing, of which the conductor is a scholar and trainer.

The course of Bioenergetic Landscapes will be held by Marco Nieri in the historic village of Dozza, a small and quiet town included among the most beautiful villages in Italy, overlooking an ancient park where the exercises will be held outdoor study.


- Bioenergetic Landscapes.
What is it and how to apply this innovative technique to improve your well-being and support your health. Examples and realizations.

- Biosphere and electromagnetic fields.
Electromagnetic reading of the Biosphere and habitat.

- The polarized Lecher antenna.
What it is and how to use this instrument in the biological field. Practical exercises. How to study and measure the biological frequencies of trees and humans. Analysis and study of polarities, frequencies and amplitude of electromagnetic fields in the Biosphere.

- Trees and Biosphere.
Techniques for measuring the beneficial properties of plants and principles of "Bioenergetic Landscapes". The tree as a living organism. Human-plant interaction.  Evaluation techniques. Hugging trees: effects on humans and plants. Practical experiences of Biosphere study and measurement of the intensity and the biological quality of the bioelectromagnetic fields of the plants of the park. Analysis of some plant species present. Research of the optimal interactive conditions between plants and electromagnetism of the Biosphere.

- Sacred woods and sacred places.
The rediscovery of ancient knowledge. Contemporary bio-electromagnetic reading of ancient places of worship and power. Indications of Bioenergetic Archaeology.

3 days course: 400,00 € (board and lodging excluded)
Cost of the measuring instrument (polarized Lecher antenna): 355,81 €

For those who are uncertain about the purchase of the instrument, some specimens are available for rent at a cost of € 50 for the duration of the course.


For further information on course subjects and specific topics, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A note from the instructor for participants

"Training in this field involves the acquisition of knowledge and measurement techniques related to Bioenergetics, a discipline that studies the mechanisms of interaction between the energy of living beings and the surrounding world. The ability to operate correctly does not end with learning the theory and attending the course, but is consolidated with the application and constant training, the fundamental basis of experience. Passion and open-mindedness are the driving force behind this path."



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  • Tipo: Corso
  • Da: Friday, 12 May 2023
  • a: Sunday, 14 May 2023
  • Dove: Dozza (Bologna) Italy