MARCH 11-12-13 2022


With Marco Nieri

- The workshop is a full immersion in the knowledge and experimentation of the regenerative power of nature and green spaces.

What is its purpose? To provide useful elements to learn how to recognize the value of our ancient bond with nature and how to consciously reconnect with the therapeutic power of each green space to support our psychophysical well-being in nature.

Who is it for? To all those who want to deepen the issues in question, from fans of the industry, tour operators, up to nature guides, operators of Forest Bathing, meditation teachers, doctors, psychologists etc..

Upon completion of the theoretical and practical part will be delivered a certificate that will formalize their participation in the workshop.


It examines the reasons and origins of our biological need for greenery and nature, and then describes the arguments and scientific, cultural, social and environmental evidence that explain the action and usefulness of nature for the health and maintenance of our psychophysical, emotional and social well-being.

Also addressed and described by Marco Nieri are the techniques, practices and knowledge currently known to obtain maximum benefit from natural environments.

Among the topics covered:

what are the causes of the increase in stress and the progressive estrangement from nature and its consequences; main studies and knowledge that have emerged in the last 40 years that explain the modalities and effectiveness of natural spaces in supporting and promoting physical, psychic, social, and environmental health and well-being; Biophilosophy and its implications; what are and how are the most well-known and tested techniques and activities of psycho-physical reconnection in nature: Forest Bathing, Forest Therapy, Forest Medicine, the energetic contact with trees (Bioenergetic Landscape); the use of plants in indoor spaces.


It offers the rare opportunity to immerse oneself in the woods of the Val Tramontina experiencing 3 different techniques and ways of direct contact with nature described in the theoretical part, each of which offers a specific and enlightening interpretation of our relationship with it and the benefits that derive from it. This experiential part is developed in 3 sessions of 2-3 hours max. each where the following guided practices will be offered and experienced:


A sensory and conscious immersion in close contact with the nature of the forest.


Study and demonstration of the electromagnetic or energetic influence of trees on the biosphere and on our organism and verification of its effects on the human body.


Observation of the landscape and recognition of its elements capable of influencing our relationship with nature.


The necessary informations can be found in the attached pdf, downloadable from this site. To register or receive more information send an email to:

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Additional Info

  • Tipo: Corso
  • Da: Friday, 11 March 2022
  • a: Sunday, 13 March 2022
  • Dove: Valtramontina (PN) Italy