Application fields

  • Parks and "Bioenergetic Healing Gardens" - Therapeutic Landscape

The BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPES takes care of the complete design and construction of green bioenergetic spaces for SPA and Wellness Centers, Healthcare Facilities - in particular for Disabled people-, Nursing Homes and Rest Homes, Ecotherapy and Hortotherapy Centers (for Horticultural Therapy), Hotels and Resorts, Schools, public and Private Gardens, Terraces, Roof Gardens and the creation of therapeutic pathways in Naturalistic Oasis and Historic Parks.

Particular attention is given to enhance the benefit to the body and the psyche of these green spaces through specially designed multi-sensory stimulations and landscape arrangements of emotional effect, with particular attention paid to needs of people with disabilities.

Our projects involve the use of organic and environmentally friendly products and natural bio-stimulants that promote the health and growth of plants without using any chemicals.

  • Indoor Environment

With the BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPES it is possible to create effective interventions also in indoor areas to take benefit in places full of environmental and electromagnetic pollution (offices, department stores, hospitals, schools, etc..). In the same time, with appropriate choices arising from studies made by the NASA, it will be possible to better in a natural way the air quality and the inside climate, also psychological, of the habitat. The psychophysical results are very satisfactory, reducing stress and increasing the productivity at the workplace up to 12% (V. Lohr et al., 1996, T. Fjeld, 1996)


  • Communication with Plants

"Communication with Plants" is the application of a refined bio-energetic research method that allows us to "dialogue" with the vital system of plants. We can measure the energetic response of plants to the environment and various types of external stresses, obtaining real-time valuable information on how to work for their well being. Plants demonstrate high sensitivity to any interaction with different forms of substances, energy and music.

• Tests of bio-compatibility and state of plant health
We can submit plants to a test of biological compatibility with any natural or artificial substance: homeopathic and biodynamic remedies, microbic biostimulants, oligoelements, etc.. This is done in minutes, without touching the plant or giving any product, but simply measuring the energetic response of the immune system of plants placed in contact with the electromagnetic field emitted by the substance, as long we can also check in human beings. These tests allow to quickly choose the most effective products to improve soil quality, the care and growth of plants and fruits, greatly shortening the time for action both in nursery than in agriculture.

Surveys can also be performed to verify the health and vitality of trees and plants, researching possible biospheric causes of their illnesses, such as pollution and electrosmog, on which to operate electromagnetic interventions of bioremediation.

PRODUCTS FOR PLANT HEALTH GROWTH: These refined measurements have produced a line of BIOYETHI products, very effective and completely natural basis, used in organic farming. The synergistic action of high biocompatibility components strengthens the health of plants and pushes them to activate their self-defense mechanisms to naturally combat the major diseases that affect. With BIOYETHI products you can feed and make it more responsive a wide range of plants, starting from fruit to the stone fruit (Vine, Kiwi, Cherry) to vegetables to ornamental and woodland plants (Chestnut, Ash, Lime ...) to the tropical plants. The product line is distributed by Summerfruit firm - Castelbolognese (Ravenna) and is enhanced frequently of new specific products to combat various plant diseases.

  • Bioremediation of Biosphere: care of plants, care of the environment

Today many plants manifest suffering due to the massive presence of aggressive artificial electromagnetic fields and the consequent worsening quality of the natural ones.

The biospheric Bioremediation has been practiced in Europe for many years by the team of "Biological Archibo" led by Dr. Walter Kunnen. It consists in the neutralization of pathogenic component of natural and artificial electromagnetic fields, affecting humans, animals and plants. The aim is to restore the plant's vitality and reactivity to illness and disease agents, improving the general state of health

We intervene, when possible, out of the house with particular antennas fixed under the soil, with a procedure based on a millimetrical precision.

The effect of the intervention will interest a wide extension sufficient to cover the whole park or garden and the house inside it and it will take real benefits also to the health of the people who live in the healed green area, increasing the benefic effects of this environmental bioenergetic gardening technique.