Marco Nieri



Marco Nieri, bioresearcher and axpert on health of habitat, always enhances his work with particular ecologic attention and respect on biological needs of Man and Nature. His multidisciplinary formation has evolved from the early courses on Bio-Architecture at the Politecnico University in Milan but also actually learning through seminars, travels and studying stays both in Italy and abroad. Experiences, practices and specific studies have allowed him to learn the most vital knowledges of East and West cultures, expanding the global vision of his work and the awareness of the effects of the interaction between Man and Environment.

His work is inspired by listening to the place and people, where Environmental Psychology, technical knowledge and sensitivity pursue objectives of biological and natural quality. His goal is to create environments that foster the well-being of the people and can satisfy the deep neurological need of Nature that man increasingly requires in its spaces, applying the “Biophilic design” inspired by the concept of "Biophilia" (E. O. Wilson, 1984).

Expert recognized in the problems deriving from chemical, biological and electromagnetic pollution in built environments and outdoor spaces, he has deep knowledge in the biocompatibility of technical implantations, building materials and furniture.

For over fifteen years he has collaborated with Dr. Walter Kunnen of Antwerp (Belgium), who in 1960 founded "Archibo Biologica", an important independent center of scientific research on the Biosphere and its energetic influences on living organisms, point of reference for hundreds doctors and naturopaths throughout Europe.

Highly attracted by the central role of trees and plants in myths and ancient cultures around the world, he applied the knowledge gained by addressing a particular electromagnetic research in the plant kingdom. This allowed him to develop an innovative technique –unique in the world- to create bioenergetic parks and gardens with therapeutic purposes, called "Bioenergetic Landscapes".

For several years, with his team he has been studying the issues of Forest Therapy and Forest Medicine with original and multidisciplinary studies, applying these new researches in the creation of Forest Bathing paths based on a scientific knowledge.

His multidisciplinary experience in these fields make him a reference point for projects, evaluations and quality surveys of our habitat, in order to recreate the most favorable conditions to promote the well-being of man, animals and plants. For this purpose he collaborates with professionals studios to create spaces of great bio-ecological quality.


> Marco Nieri, Marco Mencagli: “ LA TERAPIA SEGRETA DEGLI ALBERI –L’energia nascosta delle piante e di boschi per il nostro benessere”, Sperling & Kupfer, 2017, Italy.

This book will be released soon by Penguin Random House, Canada as:

The Secret Therapy of Trees - Harness the Healing Energy of Natural Landscapes

> Marco Nieri: “BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPE- La progettazione del giardino terapeutico bioenergetico”, Sistemi Editoriali, 2009, Italy

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Articles, interviews and reviews on his work are constantly published in Italy and abroad.