Green Office


With a long experience in consultancy and projecting, we work in multidisciplinary Ecodesign, studying the health and biological quality of our habitat. Our knowledge and  passion have allowed us to thoroughly study the restorative and Therapeutic Power of Nature, and develop innovative applications maximising the beneficial effects between humans, plants and environment. Our innovative technique, the "Bioenergetic Landscapes", is receiving an ever growing interest at an international level, as our new “Forest Therapy” and “Forest Bathing” applications in various Italian Parks and Natural areas.

For a long time we have been improving the quality of workplaces and indoor spaces, using the most effective plants to increase the productivity, the satisfaction and wellbeing of employees.

Our proposal

Our aim is to offer multidisciplinary professionalism and advanced knowledge to implement a workplace able to recreate psychological well-being, positive emotions and serene relationships. Our purpose is to allow people to work in healthy and stimulating environments, that reconnect them with our innate neurological and physiological daily need of Nature (the "Biophilia" concept studied by sociobiologist E.O. Wilson).

Developing the welfare and acting in harmony with the environment inevitably produces a positive return in the workplace and living places. The environment is more pleasant, relationships improve, productivity grows above 15% (Queensland, Cardiff University et al., 2014) because of the reductions of costs arising from illnesses created by unhealthy environments (-40%) and from absenteeism (-10%).
At the same time a charming setting and a strong ethical image is transmitted to visitors and customers.

How we operate

Analysis of existing systems:

  • Evaluation and measurement of electrosmog, air ionisation and indoor chemical pollutants present in the work environment or in specific workplaces. All factors recognised to interfere with the well-being state and the level of operator’s direct attention.
  • Psycho-biological analysis of the impact on people of furnishing solutions, from lighting to ergonomic and existing engineering plants.
  • Verifying employees’ critical situations in relation to their human and working habitat.
Evaluation of the environmental and social impact of business production systems.


  • A planned study of possible habitat and workplace improvements according to Bioecological and Psycho-architecture principles, based upon the primary needs of human biology.
  • Application solutions to minimise electrosmog and chemical pollutants exposure using bio-and eco-compatible materials.