Our Biosphere is the primary source of energy that feeds every living organism. This is possible thanks to the huge amount of chemical, physical and electromagnetic phenomena, which create the conditions that nourish and sustain all living organisms. Even humans, animals and plants emit weak but specific bio-electromagnetic fields which now can be measured.

The BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPES is an innovative technique to design and create parks and "Bioenergetic Gardens" * of particular benefit to our body, which arises from a thorough study of the electromagnetic relationship can occur because of the resonance between the local biosphere, man and plants. This has allowed us to discover that every plant species has its own energy characteristics that can affect the body in different ways. Under certain conditions  trees are able to favorably modify the bio-electromagnetic qualities of the Biosphere around them. This is why it is so widespread myth of '' healer tree "and the ancient cultures have always suggested to hug the trees to recover vital energy and get a mental and physical benefit.

The “BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPES” studies and uses the best electromagnetic fields emitted by plants and present on-site to change positively the energetic quality of our biosphere to tens of meters away, creating bioenergetic areas of particular well-being for the human body. The beneficial effects and their intensity depend on the used species and their exact location. In fact, each specie of plant has its particular beneficial or disturbing qualities for the various organs of human body.

The design of Bioenergetic Garden  careful and sophisticated measurements on the spot and on plants with an improved biophysical instrument, the Lecher antenna. This device allow us to accurately know the status of Biosphere, studying the energetic effects of each tree species, choosing the most beneficial ones and place  them accurately. Proper planting allows selected plants to interact with the natural electromagnetism, changing locally its quality and influence on our bodies.

Staying in these areas involves a more intense and effective recovery from stress and a heavy supply of vital energy throughout the body.

The particularly positive effects on the organism have been repeatedly confirmed by doctors after measurements made on persons with special tools and diagnostic equipment of bioresonance and GDV bioelectrography (Gas Discharge Visualization) by Prof. K. Korotkov of the University of St. Petersburg (

 The technique can be applied both on wide areas and in small gardens, and also inside homes and offices.

This original knowledge, in the creation of green spaces, makes enormous changes in the relationship, till now existing, between Man and Nature, because it pays more attention to the vegetable world and awakes the consciousness of the mutual interaction among living beings.

In this way a dialogue, forgotten for many centuries, starts again because trees and plants are here considered not only from an aesthetical and decorative point of view, but also and particularly from the BIO-ENERGETIC one.

* Bioenergetics: discipline that studies the biological and energetic relationship between the human body and the environment

Detail of a bioenergetic park project. The colored areas indicate schematically the zone of maximum beneficial influence for the organism. These are obtained thanks to the specific trees planted in exact places. The bioenergetic survey allows to measure the quality and intensity of bio-electromagnetic fields generate by plants and the favorable energy for the main organs and functions of the human body.