habitat electromagnetic protection

The knowledge we have acquired over many years of study and experience allow us to affirm that the presence and the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields in our living places can be countered through two solutions: the first is mechanical, the second one is energetic.

 The mechanical solution or quantitative plans to minimize or eliminate sources of electromagnetic dispersion and trouble. The result is obtained by working both with shields and protections using various existing materials and devices, or at an early stage, such as making a biocompatible electrical installations with low emissions.Besides these, it is necessary to acquire a lifestyle conscious about the risks and effects of polluting equipment and technical systems, such as Wi-Fi devices, cordless phones, etc. .

 The energetic solution or qualitative has been defined several decades ago by Dr. Walter Kunnen (Antwerp 1921-2011) for his discoveries on the biospheric influence on the health and on the structure of the electromagnetic fields of biological interest. His technique of electromagnetic bioremediation is now applied both outdoors and inside the home, but with different instruments. In both cases has proved effective to eliminate sufferings or to help the healing of hundreds of people across Europe, living in areas of strong electromagnetic aggression or extreme energetic weakness of nourishment provided by the local Biosphere.

The bioremediation practiced outside has a very wide coverage and is extremely useful for people living that area, but its beneficial effect is more evident on the Plants growing there: the secular trees, agricultural crops, fruit and all ornamental plants show to appreciate the recovery intervention with clear manifestations of vitality and better function of their immune system.