The therapeutic importance that plants possess for humans has always been known, through the use of the medicinal substances obtained from them. In recent years there has been a deep interest in the beneficial contribution that plants can make to our entire existence, studying for example how their presence improves the environment and has a positive psycho-emotional effect.

Recent studies have also rediscovered and deepened what was probably a topic known from the most ancient traditions and cultures: plants can also help us from an energetic point of view.

To fully understand the validity of this statement we must first of all face an electromagnetic study of the Biosphere, whose influence affects the life of every organism. Every form of life, animal or vegetable, is both a receiving antenna and a source of energy, which in turn interacts with that of our environment. For this reason, the beneficial or harmful characteristics of electromagnetism present in the place where we live have a substantial part of responsibility on health and quality of life, both in humans and in plants. In the same way, however, some living forms, such as trees, are able to interact directly on the environment, modifying the quality and the electromagnetic influence on human health. Today it is possible to measure both the energy of our Biosphere and that of living beings to understand how this interaction takes place.

The “BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPES” is the innovative and refined technique that allows us to improve the vital quality of our environment by using the electromagnetic or energetic properties of plants, creating truly therapeutic and bioenergetic parks or gardens.

The aim of the course is to completely reduce the participants in an exciting study of energetic knowledge of the plant world and of our Biosphere, forming the skills necessary to operate effectively in this field. We will demonstrate how it is possible to face a conscious relationship with the plant world, thus favoring the health of men and plants.



In order to carry out measurements on plants - as well as on humans and the environment - it is necessary to correctly use the measuring instrument, the Lecher antenna. Two days will be aimed at learning its use and practical exercises with trees and environment. The instrument and method taught are those perfected by Walter Kunnen, founder in 1960 of Archibo Biologica of Antwerp (B). The course will describe its findings and their application in Bioenergetics. We will focus on the application of the Lecher antenna in environmental investigations, measuring the electromagnetic fields of the Biosphere and those emitted by humans and plants, whose electromagnetic characteristics have been explored and defined by Marco Nieri. The use of the antenna for other applications (medical sector, bioremediation of the home, application of calibrated magnetotherapy, etc ...), will be part of a further specific in-depth seminar for those who will be interested.

During all the teaching days the bioenergetic study of the plants will be dealt with, with practical exercises in the Park that hosts us. These are an ideal gym to learn this discipline. When the course takes place in a existing bioenergetic park, the mapping already carried out allows you to study the plants and practice analyzing the numerous cases of bioenergetic interaction and the different qualities of the trees present, including rare species of considerable size.

These days of seminar with Marco Nieri will therefore allow you to immerse yourself in a whole new dimension, exploring the Biosphere, learning techniques of measurement of its biological quality, and entering concretely into the knowledge of the theoretical and practical principles of "Bioenergetic Landscape". We will begin to study the most widespread plants, their effects on the organism, and show how to develop a project for the realization of the bioenergetic garden.

During the course the basic concepts of new scientific disciplines that study the therapeutic or beneficial effects of green spaces will also be introduced. This is the "Forest bathing" (or Shinrin-yoku) and the "Therapeutic landscape", which can be defined as "FOREST THERAPY", and of which our team has become the avant-garde spokesman in Europe with the first pioneering achievements.




  • Electromagnetic fields and their biological influence: a new paradigm. Electromagnetic reading of the Biosphere. Natural and artificial influences on living organisms: natural geodynamic networks, water, fault, fire, electricity, cell phone repeaters, radar, geostationary satellites, etc…
  • The Lecher antenna and the radiesthesia. Analysis and study of the polarities, frequencies and amplitude of the electromagnetic fields in the Biosphere. The measurement of biological frequencies in the living world: animals, trees, human beings.
  • The biospheric aggressions in the place where we sleep. The hologram produced by the exogenous influences on the body and energetic traces. Introduction to bioremediation techniques of housing and optimization of the Biosphere. Reading of the energetic characteristics of some buildings of antiquity and indications of bioenergetic study of archeology.
  • Techniques for measuring the beneficial properties of plants and basic principles of "Bioenergetic Landscapes". Bioenergy active areas, Generator fields, bioenergy configurations. The tree as a living organism. The human-plant interaction. Evaluation techniques. Huggging trees: effects on humans and plants
  • Study in the Park of natural energies: intensity and biological quality. Analysis of the various plant species present. Research of the optimal interactive conditions between plants and electromagnetism of the Biosphere. Experimentation with planted plants. Measurement of the results obtained. How to design following these principles. Priority, choice of plants and their precise location, special energy configurations: The Sacred Wood.

A note of the teacher for the participants:

“Training in this field involves the acquisition of knowledge and measurement techniques related to Bioenergetics, a discipline that studies the mechanisms of interaction between the energy of living beings and the surrounding world. The ability to operate correctly is not limited to learning theory and attending courses, but is consolidated with constant application and training, fundamental bases of experience. Passion and open mind are the engine of this journey".

How Much

The first level course costs 400 Euro + VAT. To attend the first seminar it is necessary to add the purchase of the Lecher Antenna and of the necessary material at a cost of 390 Euro.


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