The Lecher Antenna

The principal tool with whom it’s possible to measure these parameters is a biophysical and manual radiesthesic instrument, the Lecher antenna. This instrument allows to perfectly select the wave length of the electromagnetic signal in the microwaves field, and to measure the intensity on the two separate magnetic polarities. The aerial was studies by a German physicist R. Schneider in the ’60s on the basis of the discoveries of the Austrian engineer E. Lecher, and it works like a TV selector which, through a slider allows to tune perfectly on the transmitting station, receiving in this way a clear and determined image. Through the usage of this instrument, which was made quite perfect and calibrated, during his studies Walter Kunnen managed to deeply investigate on the bioenergetics also connected to geo-biology and geo-pathology, going beyond what also today represents the “bi-dimensional” vision in the study of the natural and artificial electromagnetic phenomena made by the world of radiesthesia and by the scientific community.

With this tool and method you can perform in a place a refined electromagnetic and energetic measure of Biosphere in a place, both outdoors and inside buildings, causing its real biological influence on humans and living beings.