4-7 JULY 2019
with Alessandra Pergreffi and Marco Nieri

LIVE THE SILENCE : an experience of yoga and nature

In collaboration with Nature Trail Italia


From Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 July, we will spend 3 days in a place of peace, devoting ourselves to practices for our well-being at EREMITO (Umbria region), Italy

Enjoy an ideal place to relax, rest and concentrate in creative activities or meditation is the rarest luxury in our contemporary society.Returned to the light according to the authentic dictates of the ancient Medieval Hermitages, Eremito is the ideal place for those who see in the essentials, in calm and in the true quiet, the keys to rediscover inner peace. The majesty of the Umbrian valleys in which it is immersed amplifies the sense of spirituality, up to enchant eyes and soul. Today, as in past centuries, the Hermit keeps intact the austere essentiality of ancient hermitages, where time seems to have stopped. All the raw materials and the main ingredients used in the kitchen for the preparation of our recipes are a guarantee of quality and genuineness. Dinner is consumed in silence.


Alessandra Pergreffi will guide you through sessions of Anusara yoga which will include Asana, Pranayama and Meditation

Marco Nieri will guide you through the woods to experience the beneficial energies of the trees and breathe volatile substances capable of reinforce our immune system and reducing psycho-physical stress

1. FOREST BATHING: breathe the nature.

2. BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPES: the bioenergetic influence of trees on our organism

3. THERAPEUTIC LANDSCAPE: the psycho-emotional impact of the natural environment

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Additional Info

  • Tipo: Incontro
  • Da: Wednesday, 04 July 2018
  • a: Saturday, 07 July 2018
  • Dove: see: Italy